Knoxville Family Psychiatry

For the Mental Health Needs of Adults and Adolescents

We are an outpatient psychiatric private practice offering medication management services to adults and adolescents in the Knoxville area. Our psychiatric nurse practitioners have a passion for working with individuals to properly assess, diagnose, and treat psychiatric disorders. We strive to support you in restoring and maintaining a healthier peace of mind.

Psychiatric Evaluations

Meeting with one of our psychiatric providers is the place to start. Though there can be hesitancy about looking at medication options, meeting with one of our clinicians is about getting a thorough understanding and then exploring all options.

Ongoing Medication Management

Our psychiatric providers take the time to listen and engage with all our patients, making sure that all treatments are as effective as possible and making regular adjustments as needed.

Genetic Testing

All people’s metabolize medications a little differently, and so finding the right medication and dosage can be difficult. Our psychiatric staff is pleased to offer genetic testing, to give you a personalized profile of your ideal treatment path and to start you on it as quickly as possible.